Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow it has been almost a year since i have updated my blog how time flys!!!! Owen is almost 21/2 and Caleb will be one in about 2 or 3 weeks. Owen is doing great with his words and is up to saying 3 at a time and occasionally more he is getting better at using his words but is sadly and happily losing that Owen language that is just his i will miss that when he is walking around the house talking to himself or one of his numerous stuffed animals. We had to move him from the room that he was in with Caleb a bit ago because he decided to bite his brothers finger so they both have there own rooms now Owen took it better than I did I actually cried having him so far from me for that first night (I also cried in the hospital when I had Caleb because we had not been apart for so long before but no one knew that until now).

Caleb is getting so big he is about to start walking all he has to do is get up his courage to take that first step. He has to teeth bottom front center and is getting the two on the top which will hopefully break threw any time now. He taught himself to climb up grandmas stairs the other day and thus given me numerous mini heart attacks and about 2 really big ones when he has actually slid down them but all is well not even a bump or bruise occurred from that most scary event!!!!

Cory and I are doing well we both love our jobs and besides getting very little sleep the past week because we are sharing a room with the boys we are enjoying life and getting around alot well its late and Caleb or Owen will probably be up screaming in about 2 hours so good night!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well it FINALLY happened Caleb Luke Wilson made his appearance into this world on 5-5-09 at 10:59 PM. He weighed 7lb 14 OZ is 19 inches long and has gobs of thick dark hair. (My mom says that he looks exactly like me when i was a baby). he is a very good baby so far only crys when he is hungry but he is only 8 days old so we'll see how long that lasts.
Owen is handling the new addition OK but as of yesterday has started to show some jealousy towards Caleb especially when he is getting feed but has been a good big brother so Far and will bring me things if i am unable to get up and get them my self or throw a dirty diaper away.
Our hospital stay was great (Other than all the pain) i loved delivering at Gilbert Mercy and the staff and volunteers were great.
well not really much happening other than just getting back into a routine with Caleb. my mom went home today we just dropped her off at the airport i miss her already with my hormones all out of wack i cried all the way to my mother in laws house and Cory was threatening to turn the car around and buy me a plane ticket on the same flight and send me to Utah with her.
well when new things happen i will let you know but my brain is overloaded right now so here are some pics hope you enjoy:
our little bundle of joy
have you ever seen anything so cute I'd like to see you try

snoozing away I love how he poses

his first bath at home right after this picture he started to cry so he was not to pleased

Owen giving Caleb his first hug (this is how Owen hugs)

and first kiss

mothers day 2009

mothers day 2009

our happy familymost of us with grandma

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello All,
Wow I cannot believe how time flys Owen turned 18 months today he has grown so much and now he will be able to take that first step into nursery I honestly am a little relived because now he won't be able to bang on the chairs in relief society ( every single person turned and looked at us so embarrassing)but I am going to miss him and he is not going to be with me it kind of breaks my heart but it is all for the best as we are going to be having another one in at the most from now 5 weeks.
I cannot believe that i am 35 weeks along it feels so close and also like I am never going to make it I want him out so bad so that all the pain will stop but I know that it is too soon and that he would have to stay in the NICU if he came right now but one can dream huh.
We have a doctors appt. for Owen and Caleb tomorrow to see how they are both doing i'll keep you posted but from my point of view everything is fine Caleb keeps me awake all night by kicking me and Owen keeps me awake and moving around all day never wanting to be parted from me for more that 5 min at a time even if Cory try's to let me sleep in he comes into the room and makes noise and hits the bed until I wake up and come out and dance and play with him.
As for me I am doing fine tired and having contractions every now and again (i was doing to much I took it slow for a couple days and they went away) but fine it is starting to get up to the mid 90s here and i am sweating like a pig already not doing anything but sitting there. Cory is fine still enjoys his job and is great at dealing with a very hormonal wife I can scream at him until I am blue in the face and he just sits there and takes it ( most of the time ) so he is doing great we got to see Cory's brother Kimo a couple of weeks ago when they came to visit we did not get to spend as much time as we liked with them because I had a cold and a fever of 101 that had broke the day before we saw them but it was great none the less to see them.
I turned 25 almost a month ago and don't really feel any different from 24 well it is weired to think that i am only 5 years from 30 seems so old (sorry mom love you) well it is late and I am finally getting tired enough that I think I can sleep threw Caleb's kicks so night all until next time all our love
-the Wilson's

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello all
Well not alot has been going on really just a bunch of tiny stuff we got new neighbors and Owen has learned to climb onto the couch as of 2-27-09 we were very excited one less thing that we have to help him with. Everything according to Owen is a dog he will point at a light and say dog he will point and cory or I and say dog. He is growing in leaps and bounds he still does not have the fork and spoon down but loves to hold them and even use the spoon if it is something like oatmeal that he can scoop and stays on the spoon long enough for him to get it into his mouth (which sometimes does take awhile). I have found out that I do have gestational diabetes but have been able to keep it under control so far and the doctor is not worried I have a appointment next week again so he is keeping a closer eye on me but so far no problems. well Cory is doing great not much really happening with him he is just playing with Owen and teaching him how to wrestle and be a boy. well until later all our love the Wilson's

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well Owen has figured out how to open Nana's doors just to day and has spent the last 15 min opening and closing them luckily we have the round handles on the doors at our house and he has not figured out how to open them yet.
I went and had my blood drawn today to see if I will get gestational diabetes again we will find out on the 16Th if i do or don't here's hoping.
Cory is doing great he is teaching Owen how to wrestle and Owen just loves it along with all the other silly noises he teaches him. Owen is finally starting to pay more attention to Cory and even walks into the bed room while Cory is asleep and leaves him things on the bed so that when he wakes up he will have things to play with.
Sandie is also spending the majority of her day in the bedroom with Cory just to get away from Owen who is still pulling her hair an chasing after her with toys. this is Owen the day before we got his hair cut we got into daddy's styling gel
this is the day of his first hair cut taken 5 min before we started buzzing
taken just after Christmas

to cute to resist

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello All
well alot has happened since i last wrote we got threw Christmas and everything went fine. Owen got a ton of toys of which he plays with almost every single one and loves them. thank you for all the Christmas cards:). Owen is growing by leaps and bounds i cannot believe how big he has gotten we just had a doctors appt. for his well check and he weighs 24 lbs and that means that i can no longer lift him or so my doctor said at my last appt to see how his brother is doing. Owen has 2 more teeth and that makes 8. 4 on top 4 on bottom we have this new book that teaches him to read and its great he cant say any of the words yet but if you ask him things and where they are he will point to them or if you ask him to put his arms up he will its great we love those books and he does to when he finishes them if we try to put it away he starts to cry until you start over again.

well our other baby is doing just fine the doctors say my tummy is just the right size and he is busy kicking away Cory got to feel him kick for the first time 3 days ago.

the biggest news though is that we got to see my parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so exited to have them come here. Owen just loved having them around and loved to play with his new toys with grandpa and sit in grandmas lap. well i have the worst memory right now so i am probably forgetting to write a million things ( like Owen loves to say hi to everyone now) but until next time