Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow it has been almost a year since i have updated my blog how time flys!!!! Owen is almost 21/2 and Caleb will be one in about 2 or 3 weeks. Owen is doing great with his words and is up to saying 3 at a time and occasionally more he is getting better at using his words but is sadly and happily losing that Owen language that is just his i will miss that when he is walking around the house talking to himself or one of his numerous stuffed animals. We had to move him from the room that he was in with Caleb a bit ago because he decided to bite his brothers finger so they both have there own rooms now Owen took it better than I did I actually cried having him so far from me for that first night (I also cried in the hospital when I had Caleb because we had not been apart for so long before but no one knew that until now).

Caleb is getting so big he is about to start walking all he has to do is get up his courage to take that first step. He has to teeth bottom front center and is getting the two on the top which will hopefully break threw any time now. He taught himself to climb up grandmas stairs the other day and thus given me numerous mini heart attacks and about 2 really big ones when he has actually slid down them but all is well not even a bump or bruise occurred from that most scary event!!!!

Cory and I are doing well we both love our jobs and besides getting very little sleep the past week because we are sharing a room with the boys we are enjoying life and getting around alot well its late and Caleb or Owen will probably be up screaming in about 2 hours so good night!

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